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“SpellGrid is a shockingly simple game that combines the best parts of Boggle and Scrabble.”- TUAW“It’s a fun, high-energy twist on anagram games.”- Cult of Mac
“SpellGrid proved to be a lot of fun for a word game fiend such as myself.”
"SpellGrid is a perfect game for any word game enthusiast."-
“SpellGrid really impresses in almost every regard and even gets top scores for its replay value.”- PlayAndroid
"In terms of re-playability, SpellGrid is definitely one of those games that is easy to come back to. SpellGrid is one of those games that allows you to learn something new each time that you play too!"- TorontoThumbs
SpellGrid is a minimalist word game combining anagrams with classic crossword gameplay. The game starts with a single word without any repeated letters (e.g. LEXICON, WEAPONRY, NUMERICAL). You then copy and arrange letters to form additional words, joining them together in an ever growing grid.
How large a crossword can you build?
★ INFINITE BOARDClassic crossword building on an infinite board. You will never run into corners or out of space. Focus on the words, not the board.
★ INTUITIVE DESIGNForget about tiles and racks. Just drag letters from the grid and drop anywhere to form words.
★ WORD DISCOVERYUse SpellGrid as a learning tool. Instant validation allows you to discover new words simply through experimentation. You are guaranteed to learn new words and improve your scores after repeated play!
★ COMPARE AND COMPETECompleted grids are saved to the cloud. Compare and check out what others have created. You can also upload screenshots of your completed crosswords to your Instagram account - show off your vocabulary, share with friends and followers!
★ UNLIMITED RE-PLAYABILITYEnough content to last you for years. And with the Create mode, you will never run out of levels to play. Can you think of a word with no repeated letters? Brainstorm with friends and colleagues, spell away and start a new grid! (You can create 6, 7, 8 or 9 letter grids)
★ EVERY DAY IS DIFFERENTSpellGrid will provide a different range of words to play depending on the day of the week, ensuring that you get a different experience every day.
★ GOOGLE PLAY GAMESChallenge friends and compete globally for the top ranks in 17 leaderboards.Play and unlock 36 achievements.
If you enjoy anagrams, crossword puzzles, word search or other spelling word games, you will love SpellGrid! 
SpellGrid+ (paid version) features+ bonus endless grids for 6 letter words (in Create mode)+ play offline (play anywhere, anytime)+ ad-free (use less data)+ no In App Billing+ free, unlimited undo/redo+ support the developer